Free Grants – Municipal & Federal – How Are You Eligible For Them

Free Government Grants

You may be entitled to receive free government grants. Federal, state and local governments give away free government money for education, research, medicine, health care, employment, job training and development, energy, transportation, environment, justice, legal services, disaster prevention relief assistance, natural resources, regional development, science, technology, income security, food and nutrition. Millions of dollars are given away by the government each year to private foundations and organizations, corporations, colleges, universities, students, minorities, women and disabled persons. Government grants are free, and you do not have to pay them back. Since they are so popular, there is a lot of competition for free money from the government.

Federal Grants

The federal government is comprised of 26 federal agencies that give over 1,000 federal grants. The most popular categories for grants include agriculture, arts and media, Pell Grants for students who show a financial need, healthcare , housing, small business development, research, commerce, humanities, community outreach programs, legal services, criminal justice, relief and disaster prevention, consumer protection, and many other programs. It also gives free grants to individuals. The federal government gives grants to state and non-profit organizations who then in turn distribute the funds through local community based outreach programs. The grantees must meet certain obligations and criteria set forth by the government in order to receive the funds and are subject to repotting and audits. The best place to look for federal grants is at the government’s website at

State and Municipal Grants

State and community based grants are in high demand as well. States and municipal governments gives grants to local organizations to help fulfill community needs such as food , shelter, housing, education, health care, social services and senior programs. There are also local grants for business start ups available. You should check your state’s website and search under community grants to see what programs you may be available for.


There is no limit to the number of grants you can apply for. The only requirements are that you meet the funder’s criteria and guidelines. For instance, if you are a student and need money for college, you will have to demonstrate a financial need, and you will have to submit copies of financial documents to prove your need. For instance, you might find both a federal food grant and a state food grant for your non-profit organization’s food bank. You can apply to both as long as your program meets both funders’ guidelines. Read the exclusions carefully to make sure you qualify. Free grants help organizations carry out their programs. Since there is no guarantee that you will receive funding, you should also concentrate on other fundraising sources.

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