How To Obtain Grants For Minorities

Minority Government Grants – Know How to Apply

Minority grants enable minorities to obtain funds for education, business, research, job training, technology, health care, social programs and other uses. Women, disabled persons and ethnic minorities are fall under the classification of minorities and are eligible for a minority grant. Most grants for minority groups come from the federal, state and local government. Private corporations, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities also provide grants for minorities. There are some other requirements that you must meet in order to receive a minority grant besides falling into the category of a minority. For instance, educational grants are based upon financial needs. Each grant is different so you will need to read the guidelines and criteria to make sure you are eligible. To find minority government grants, you can look in your community and on the federal website. Private and organization grants may be posted on philanthropical websites which give you links to the web pages of funders. Your college or university website or financial aid office can also direct you to minority grants for students.

Applying for a Minority Grant

Once you identify a list of grants that you want to apply for, you should pay close attention to the application due date and any exclusions to make sure the grant meets your needs. All government grants for minorities and other grants require the grantee to complete a proposal or application and submit supporting documentation for their request. For business grants, you will need a detailed business plan and budget. If you are student, you will need to complete a Federal Application for Student Financial Aid (FASA) on the web. Depending on the type of grant you are applying for you will need to provide your social security number of your organization’s tax I.D. number. Sometimes, local community grants are easier to apply for and receive than federal grants so you may want to try those first. Even though the funding amounts may be smaller, local community grants may provide money to a larger number of applicants. If you have never written or applied for a grant, you may want to seek the assistance of a professional grant writer who has a track record of getting grant monies awarded to their clients. If you cannot afford to hire a professional, then take your time and read all the instructions and follow any links given to you to make sure you have read all the requirements and understand what the funder is looking for in order to have the best chance of receiving funds. There are many grant writing reference guides available online, at the public library or at the bookstore that you can purchase. Your local community may have a grant library that you can use as well.


Grants for minorities give underrepresented groups the opportunity to obtain an education, obtain employment, start a business and achieve their goals which they may not be able to do so otherwise. These types of grants are extremely popular. There is a lot of competition so you should apply early. The best thing about grants for minorities is you do not have to pay back a grant as opposed to a loan. Also there is no fee to apply for a grant so you can apply to as many as you want as long as you meet the eligibility requirements. In fact, it is recommended that you apply to multiple funders to increase the number of awards and amounts you receive.

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