Small business grants for veterans, a comprehensive look

A handful of extra money will do wonders for you if you strive to use them wisely especially when the government is giving small business grants for veterans. The money offered to these veterans at state, federal or governmental level aims to give the journey of your life a U-turn. After they are discharged or released from their military services as a result of retirement.

Who is responsible for giving small business grants for veterans?


The government and other organizations at state or local level are responsible for giving out grants. The federal programs laid out by the government to help its esteemed citizens, who gave their whole life and full energies in serving the country are astounding. They can be classified into many groups and cater to their respective needs.

In addition to government funding, there are also many private establishments and organizations that act as private donors who significantly contribute to giving small business grants for veterans. In this way, they are ready to extend their helping hand to these individuals who are in dire need of the funding. Funding for those who want to live a purposeful life after getting free from military service.

How can small business grants for veterans help the veterans?

The money that the government offers to the esteemed veterans to initiate their business in their retirement years can be in the form of:

  •    Business funding in the form of startup capital
  •    Business expanding capital
  •    Assisting financially in researching the market
  •    Financial assistance in planning out goals and the marketing
  •    Giving small business grants for veterans to further their home based business

What is the most disappointing part of small business grants for veterans?

It is unfortunate that veterans cease to realize that they are eligible for specific grants from government and private level. Furthermore, most of them are also in the dark about the grants application process. This deprives them of attaining a competitive stance in the society.

Therefore, if the proper knowledge regarding the application procedures for federal and private grants is made accessible to such citizens, then they can avail the opportunities offered to them in the best possible way. Furthermore, if the government assists them in understanding which types of grants they qualify for and by providing them the facility of writing the grant proposals, these citizens may have a good chance of winning them. It all requires government help, time and effort. It is because these citizens would then be able to comprehend the proper procedures for application of grants. And envision the vast opportunities that might be within their easy reach.

How do you qualify for small business grants for veteran?

The statistical evidence points out that in the United States, approximately 22 million veterans have given remarkable and worth appreciating sacrifices in the country’s military sphere. Therefore their experience in working in the military for years has unraveled marvelous talents in them. These talents have given them a unique standpoint in their lives which they put in to initiate innovative business ideas.

Just like any other individuals, the veterans also need some starting capital or investments to do something worthwhile. In this respect, many organizations offer small business grants for veterans or other feasible financing options with the sole purpose of benefiting these veterans.


On the whole, to become eligible for small business grants for veterans and financial funding, the veterans must be present under these classifications:

  •    Veterans that are discharged from the military forces with honor and have no stain on their characters. Small business grants for veterans, in this case, may stipulate a specific era or specific military encounters, for instance, veterans after 9/11.
  •    A veteran who is discharged or made free from his active military duty due to his disability related to service connection.
  •    Veterans who are an active member of the military and are participating with full zeal in the Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
  •    Members of military reserves forces who annually go to training programs to revitalize their military skills
  •    Present significant other or spouse of all the three categories mentioned above
  •    Or the widow of the deceased active service member who died while performing his duty or a veteran who is discharged due to his service-connected disability.


What are some possible funding options for small business grants for veterans?

If these veterans lie in the above mentioned clear-cut classifications, then there are some possible financial funding for them. These options would enable them to take their business career to the next level. With their polished skills and financial assistance from the federal government or private institutions, they can lead their lives successfully.

  •    Small Business Administration benefiting the veterans through their loan program in point 7(a)

Small Business Administration is United States independent government organization established in 1953. It was inaugurated with a sole aim of strengthening and prospering the US economy by providing financial assistance to small business. Therefore, the loan program listing in the point 7 (a) is one of the most substantial and widely used ones. It is because this loan program is for long-term and significantly reduces down payments as compared to other financial funding options.

This loan program best for funding small business grants for veterans as it will help them to earn startup capital feasibly. Generally, SBA or other institutions that are engaged in money lending has made an upfront guarantee charge mandatory. However, this charge is not included in the SBA loan program 7 (a) that is offered to eligible veteran businesses under $125,000.

Most importantly, as the veterans appeal for a much higher loan amount than $125,000 the SBA may charge some fee. However, the charge is significantly less and discounted as compared to loan programs offered to non-veteran owned businesses.

  •    The Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (MREIDL)

The sole aim of this loan programs by Small Business Administration is to provide financial assistance to the qualified and suitable veteran-owned businesses. These loans help them to fulfill business goals, ordinary and essential operating expenses that could have been met in their presence. However, they were unable to attend these expenses in their presence because they are called on prompt duty to foster their role as a Reservist.

The loans only serve to provide the veterans with financial assistance in the form of necessary working capital in their absence and till their businesses reach the maturity stage. The investment for loans will cease to operate once they are back from their active duty. It is because the loans are not offered to the veterans for long-term or business expansion purposes.

Interest rate for MREIDL loan program

The interest rate for MREIDL loan program does not go far than 4% annually. The maximum period of this disaster loans in the form of small business grants for a veteran is 30 years till the business reaches its stage of maturity. Nevertheless, when the business reaches maturity stage, is dependent upon the veterans’ ability to pay back the loans.

The maximum amount of loan that can function as small business grants for veterans can go to 2 million and not more than that.

  •    Hivers and Strivers

Hivers and Strivers is a mid-Atlantic group that consists of members who are US military veterans and are interested in providing financial funding in the form of startup capital to veteran-owned businesses. They foster their mission through their financing to give military veterans a golden opportunity to interact directly with knowledgeable investors. These proficient investors will act as role models, and through their influence, they can take their business to far-reaching heights.

Veterans usually exhibit unique abilities and talents, and the Hivers and Strivers foundation serves to further them. They believe that if these veterans are given a chance to meet experienced investors they can perform competitively in the business world.

Boot camp session

Through the boot camp sessions, the experienced investors are keen on providing small business grants for veterans as they embody an estimate of $1 billion in investable wealth.

The organization believes that the veterans are fully eligible for financial assistance because of their nature, they perfectly know how to lead their businesses in the frenzied business environment. They are trained to set things right through their practiced military strategies. Therefore, if they are given resources in the form of small business grants for veterans they can do wonders with the startup capital.

  • Veteran Affairs offers small business grants for veterans through their Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Program

This business program provides possible financial assistance to those economically deprived veterans who uphold faltering business. This business programs aim to allow the veterans to gain economic prosperity by making use of centralized tracking down the system to their maximum advantage and enhance their involvement in small businesses.

In another world, the purpose of the business program offered by this department of Veteran Affairs is to provide veteran-owned businesses with as many government contracts they can offer.

Although this business program does not entirely function like a loan or small business grants for veterans, in some sense, it’s financial funding. It is because once the veteran-owned businesses get government contracts, ultimately their bank accounts will get filled with money if the transaction qualifies.

  •    Financial programs for Service-Disabled veterans

This form of small business grants for veterans is almost similar to the program offered by the Veteran Affairs Department of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization. It is because this program also aims to provide funding to the veterans through government contracts. If a veteran’s company is Service Disabled Veteran-owned small business, then it will have the authorization in acquiring set aside federal contracts.

The government set-asides minimum 3 percent of the contracting dollars. These can be allocated to the federal contracts for small veteran-owned businesses.

However, to get addition as a considering business in the directory of the federal government, the service-disabled veteran need to apply for confirmation for this business program.

  •    Private Small business grants for veterans by LendingClub

LendingClub is among one of the most prominent private money lending organizations that offer special beneficial small business grants for veterans. The terms and conditions for providing small business grants for veterans are the following:

  1.    The loan period of small business for the veterans is between one to 5 years
  2.    The veterans should borrow the money between the amounts of $5000 to $ 300,000 maximum. They cannot cross the limit.
  3.    The veterans need to have a credit score of a minimum 600
  4.    Most importantly, their business should be in an appropriate functioning mode for at least two years and can generate revenue up to a minimum $50,000.

Why there is a need for small business grants for veterans?

Veterans who own small business are a vital part of US economy. According to the most recent data from the US Census Bureau, the United States has 5.5 million company with employees in the economy and veterans own 7.2% of them. The reason why veterans receive small business grants and other financial funding options is that new business needs some assistance and uplifting.

Why are training and counseling an essential part of small business grants for veterans?

If you take US economy in the account, you will eventually realize that it places immense importance. Importance based on the need of training and counseling to the veterans in their way to start the new business.

For this sole aim, the United States government has geared its resources and efforts to start a Veterans Business Outreach Program. This business program strives to give the veteran business owners sheer counseling, training and mentoring throughout the allotted fifteen points in the country.

Other than VBOP

Along with VBOP, the United States government also enabled the veterans to interact with nonprofit institution under name of Score. This institution excels in giving free workshops based and appointments to discuss innovative ideas in starting a new business with the veterans.

Therefore it is necessary for the veterans, who have decided to pursue their career in business, to get financial advice and assistance. Although, they might have remarkably played their part well through smart strategies in the military. They still need to get a good knowledge of business tactics to achieve a competitive stance in the business world.

The advice that the veterans would get from the mentors and business advisories would give them hands-on experience. This will help them in furthering their business and going in the right direction.

How training and educational programs are a beneficial part of small business grants for veterans?

Training and education are vital for part of the funding program so that the veterans can have adequate knowledge on how to start and establish their new business. Therefore, below is the list of some of the training and educational programs for the veterans. They would help them much on the way to start their new business while keeping their military experience intact.

  •    Small Business Administration offers Boots to the Business training program

The United States financial funding institution provides a two-way interactive teaching program to veteran service members. They are ones who want to pursue the goal of being a future businessperson. The program will dedicate the whole two days for explaining the introduction to the entrepreneur course. This course follows eight weeks of great comprehensive teaching and training.

This two months training period serves to educate the business-minded veterans on useful guidelines. And also techniques relating to starting a fresh business are essential during training. The veterans will also get knowledge on how to create a business plan and mission statement.

Therefore, all Reservist veterans who are shifting from their active military service will get invitation to attend this entrepreneur course.

  •    Educational Program at Syracuse University

Institute for Veterans and Military Families are actively participating in facilitating training program at Syracuse University to the veterans. Their private practice and articulation of knowledge in pursuing ambitious business goals will provide a perfect learning ground the business-minded ones.

What makes this program exciting?

What makes this program exciting is that it amalgamates the other three educational programs. Programs that are targeting the veterans want to become business tycoons of the future. They include:

  1.    Boots to Business Program
  2.    Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans With Disabilities (EBV)
  3.    Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship program.

The existing managing director of Institute for Veterans and Military Families proudly claims that their educational programs are huge success. Their far-reaching effects are evident when approximately 39,000 veterans and military families took their entrepreneurship course.

Essential aspects of the program

Furthermore, the co-founder of the institute, James Schmeling sheds light on the essential aspects. The aspects that students are learning through their course at the University. They include guidelines on how to make use of small business grants for veterans as a

  1.    Startup capital for creating a new business off the ground
  2.    Financing business operations
  3.    Uplifting an existing veteran-owned business with minimum resources

Patriot Boot Camp:

The active duty service members, veteran and their significant others can also benefit significantly from a three-day boot camp. In three days the participating veterans can get hands-on experience on how to use resources. Such as small business grants for veterans to start up a new business.

In addition to financial resources, the veterans can also have interactive discussions with the counselors. They can gain insightful knowledge about investment techniques and business tactics.

  •    The three-stage educational program for female veterans

Female veterans will be extremely contented to realize that there is one educational program that focuses on women veteran needs. Through this program, they can easily articulate their concerns and demands. Concerns regarding small business grants for veterans without dominated by veteran male patriarchy are of more importance. Therefore, the Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship training course need no clear introduction.

Stages of the program

This program has three specific stages, and each stage inculcates particular tackles and guidelines for female veterans. These enable them to become the successful business tycoon in the future.

The cost of this online program is $75, and such an amount is worth spending. Reason is, in fifteen days, women veterans will get vast knowledge about launching new business in competitive market. This training gets backup via financial funding through small business grants for veterans. And also via continuing counseling by the mentors in the three-day face to face interactive event.

Which is better; small business grants for veterans or opting for a typical loan program?

If the veterans have decided to get capital for new business, then they go for small business grants for veterans. It is because unlike the typical loan program, small business grants for veterans act as a free money source. The veterans who opt for small business grants do not have to pay back the. In this way, there is no stress in worrying about the

  1. The time of the loans,
  2. The rising interest rates each year
  3. The annual percentage rate of interest that represent the actual yearly cost of funds over the term of the loan
  4. Thinking about financing a business transaction again with new loans at a lower interest rate

Flexibility of small business loans

Conversely, to opt for small business grants for veterans, they only need to register, be eligible and viola. They will see their bank accounts thriving with free money.

Nevertheless, there are always two sides to the picture. If you want to apply for small business grants for veterans, you need to consider two profound forewarnings. Firstly, you need to become well-rehearsed with the precise nature of the small business grants. If you choose these grants, you’ll realize that they are particular about how you can spend money achieved from them.

However, the small business loans are flexible as there are no limitations on where they people spent them.

Secondly, the most significant caveat of these grants is that they are not only challenging to qualify for. Instead they are tough to find. There is a lot of distortion surrounding the small business grants. Mostly in the form of old websites, misleading databases, and government restrictions.


In a nutshell, small business grants for veterans will give our esteemed military servants access to unique financial opportunities. These opportunities will assist them in establishing and enhancing their new business. Many countries, precisely, the United States is placing immense importance on these grants. They are working at both federal and private level to propagate them.

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