Grants for Women

Women Grants

Statistics show that each year more women start their own businesses and that they are more successful in running their businesses than men, yet they have trouble finding funding because many of the businesses are small businesses. Federal, state and local governments encourage women entrepreneurship and education and provide billions of dollars in free grants for women and low cost loans for business and educational purposes. Government women grants are available in the following areas:

  • College and education
  • Start up costs for a new business or expanding an existing business
  • Healthcare and Housing
  • Research, development, training and much more

In fact there are over 5,000 sources of government grant for women available. Besides the federal governmental, the 50 states have grants available for women. Grant monies can range from $500 to $250,000 depending on the type of program and agency. There are requirements that must be met by the grantee so you should read the funding requirements carefully to make sure you are eligible. You can apply for multiple grants because there is no limit on the number and type of grants you can receive, and you do not have to pay the grant money back, unlike loans that require repayment.

Applying for Grants

The best place to find grants is to go to the federal government grant website at Also check your local state website. Always apply early and pay attention to the requirements. Some agencies allow you to apply online and some want you to send both an electronic copy and a hard copy to them. Each government grant is identified by a funding or program number and the deadlines are posted on the agency’s website. There is always a contact person you can email or call for requests as well. Make sure you complete the entire application so that your application is not rejected. While there is no guarantee, you will receive the funds, you won’t know until you at least try. If you need assistance completing a grant application, you may also want to think about hiring a professional grant writer to help you.

Accessing free government grant money allows women to fulfill them dreams and hopes of obtaining a higher equation or starting a business. The government profits as well because your business or ideas create jobs, stimulate the economy as well as help the local community. It’s a win for everyone involved.

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