Grants For Green And Sustainable Energy- Know How To Apply

Grants for Green Energy and Sustainable Design

Green grants are typically available from the government and other agencies such as utilities companies for green or sustainable building that results in more energy efficient homes and commercial buildings and conservation of resources. There are some grants that focus on different kinds of energy such as solar panels, wind mills and natural gas. Grants are given for research and technology to businesses and individuals who use green grants for their energy conservation and improvement of existing structures, and creating more efficient heating and air condition systems. Grants are available for eco training and recommendations and programs for the environment and agricultural uses for open spaces that make cities and communities more esthetically and environmentally beautiful, create more productive agricultural methods and engage members in the community to practice green energy savings, resource protection and conservation. Green grants to businesses may be also passed on to consumers who are willing to try the products during their early years on the market.

Finding grants

The best resource to find these grants are to register at the website and other state and local municipal government agencies and organizations that offer green grants. By registering you can find out about grant opportunities early so that you have time to complete your application before the submission deadline. Grants for green and sustainable building projects are limited, and there are many grantees who are interested in receiving the funds so it is wise to apply early and to multiple funders. Since there is never a guarantee the you may receive any funds, the more applications that you complete and submit, the better chance you have that you receive some free money.

Applying to Grants

Be sure to check funder’s guidelines and criteria so that you only applying to grants that you are eligible for. The funder always has a description of their funding guidelines and criteria posted on their website. Be sure to read everything carefully and follow the guidelines exactly. Also, attach any supporting documentation that the funder requests so that your application is not rejected. You may want to hire a professional grant writer to help you apply for the green grant. Apply early in case you forgot something, so there will be enough time to correct the application. Be sure to send the application in the format the funder requests. Some funders want a hard copy mailed and an electronic copy submitted, while others just want an electronic copy. Have all your supporting documents ready and make sure your mission statement is clear and concise and demonstrates you have an understanding of how your program or technology addresses the community needs. Don’t be discouraged if you are turned down, you may qualify the next time the funder has a similar program or the following year when the opportunities is available again.

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