Housing Grants – Build Your Dream House

Government Funds Through Housing Grants

Housing government grants are available for home renovations, down payments and even rent assistance. State and local agencies and organizations receive federal grant money to help implement housing grant programs in their local and regional communities. Government agencies, educational institutions, public housing, non-profit organizations, businesses and certain individuals may apply for this type of grants. There may be housing grants for first time home buyers to help them with down payments or to do renovations such as heating and cooling repairs in order to install energy efficient systems. Low-income families may be able to receive grant monies to use towards their rent. Grants are based upon income factors, number of grants available and past performances.

Finding Grants

You should check with your state and local agencies first to see what type of grants are available in your area that you may qualify for. There may be all kinds of free housing government grants available that you never would have thought of. While you may not qualify for all of the, there may be some that you do, and you can receive this free money by completing an application and then waiting to see if you get awarded the funds. Its good idea to apply to many different grants opportunities because there is no guarantee they will award your grant request. The more opportunities you apply for, the greater chance you may end up with some free grant funds.

You may want to register on various funder’s websites such as grants.gov website as well as other philanthropically websites that offer lists of grant funders such as the Foundation Center. The federal government makes housing grants through the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs (HUD) so you can also go to the HUD website directly and search grant opportunities. By registering on websites, you will receive email alerts about new funding opportunities so you don’t miss any. Some websites are free of charge and others charge a monthly or annual membership fee. Your local grant library is another good place to look for grants. Grant libraries have access to paid subscription sites so you can search for a wide range of resources to find the grants for housing and you can use their search books that may not be available at a local library.

Grants for housing are limited and the majority are for local and regional housing programs, development, and assistance so you should apply early and network with organizations in your area so that when an opportunity comes up, they will alert you.

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