Get Important Information To Apply For Non Profit Grants

Grants for Non-Profits and Charities

Free grants for non-profit organizations are available from the federal government, state government, local government, corporations and private organizations. There are millions of dollars available for grantees to access through a variety of programs. For instance, there are grants for non-profit organizations that deal with programs for education, housing, medicine and health care, social services, senior programs, basic needs, transportation, science, technology, math, the environment, energy, job creation and training, the arts, media, real estate and much more. Non-profit grants are free, and you do not have to pay back the money.

Federal Government Grants

With approximately 26 federal agencies overseeing grant programs today, there are numerous opportunities for non-profit businesses and organizations to receive grants to promote their programs. The federal government gives a lot of funds to states to hand out to grantees through regional and local programs. To access government grants, you should register at the website. Applications can be downloaded from the funder’s website. Federal grants are categorized by subject matter. You will find approximately 21 different categories for federal grant programs including agriculture, arts, health, housing, business, commerce, humanities, community development, information and statistics, consumer protection and environment, law, justice, legal services, disaster prevention relief assistance, natural resources, education, regional development, employment, training, science and technology, energy, social services, income security, environmental, transportation and food and nutrition. When you apple for a federal grant, you are expected to meet certain obligations and follow reporting guidelines after you receive the funds. You may also be subject to audits.

Community Based Grants

State and local municipal governments provide community based grants in areas of arts, culture, philanthropy, education, health, safety, education, food shelter, clothing, activities for at risk youth, jobs and training and technology. The best place to check for community based grants for non-profit funding is at your state website.

Private Grants

Corporations and other private organizations provide all types of grants for food banks, clothing, housing programs, education, research and development. Grant money that comes from non-profit or private organizations can be used for broader programs than government grant money which has more restrictions on usage. Colleges and universities also have grant money available for research and development. If you are affiliated with a college or university, you should check with them to see what types of grants are available. Be sure to read the funder’s guidelines carefully to ensure that you are qualified for the grant before applying.

Since grant money is so popular, there is also a lot competition. When you are looking for funding, narrow your search to grant programs that closely match your organization’s programs so you have a better chance of being awarded the funds. Programs that provide services for the entire community also have a higher award rate. So if you are a non-profit organization that has at risk youth programs, senior programs, provides job training, promotes education and literary, provides a family program, conducts research and development into new technology, provides job training, job or health care, you also have a higher chance of receiving funding.

Receiving free grant money is the best way to implement your organization’s programs and help the community with outreach programs. Finding money takes time, so be patient, and you should apply to multiple grant opportunities to increase your percentage of awards.

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