State Government Grants- How To Successfully Apply and Win Them

How to Obtain State Government Grants

States get their money from federal grants and in turn pass their state government grants on to municipal agencies and non-profit organizations, universities, colleges and certain individuals for community based programs for all types of community needs such as education, research, healthcare, medicine, housing, social services, arts and media, humanities, technology, green technology, job training and development, science, math, law, criminal justice, transportation, senior programs and small business start-ups. Grants are available to certain individuals and organizations that meet the funding requirements of state government grants. Community programs that provide basic needs including low income housing, shelter for homeless, food, clothing, medical and healthcare, social programs and senior programs are funded most frequently. If you run any of these types of programs in your community, you have a higher chance of receiving Free State grant monies.

However, keep in mind that grants are limited so it is recommended that you research them at the state websites and apply as soon as you can because there is a lot of competition for these grants. State grants help the community with all types of programs and are very popular.

State grants are available to women, minorities, persons that are disabled and small businesses and may also be based upon income and location as well. States offer some grants to individuals and businesses for green technology and sustainable building. Before you can apply for a state government grant, you need to make sure you are eligible. Under U.S. law, must be a legal resident 18 or over and meet other criteria or a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Applying for Government Grants

In order to have a better chance to get approved for a government grant, you should read the funder’s guidelines carefully to make sure that your program meets the funding criteria and addressed the funder’s concerns. You might want to attend the funder’s workshop or online webinar before you apply to find out more information about what they are looking for. The closer you come to meeting their criteria, the better chance you have to receive funding from them. Avoid tailoring your program to their needs though; your program should already meet the funder’s requirements at the time you apply. Be sure to have all your supporting data including your operating budget and business plan.

State grants are a great resource to get free money to fund your research, development or community based needs programs. Grants are awarded on repeat performances as well so you may be subject to reporting requirements and audits when you receive state grants. Don’t be discouraged if you have to apply to many grants. Because there is no guarantee that you will receive funds, it is also smart to participate in other funding raising events and activities as well to obtain money for your organization.

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